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Necklaces: Why necklaces are So Popular?

The part of jewelry, typically worn around the neck is known as necklaces. In the early times, necklaces frequently formed by using metals like jewelry chain. However, new and latest style accessories made by using stones, metals, elements, stones, pearls, etc. the important feature of necklace includes gemstones, colored stones or jewels. Commonly necklaces are round, curved, and well polished also several other elements are used to adorn accessories like shells, art glass, feathers, corals, and beads. There are several other varieties have also been used for necklaces according to trend or style.
Necklaces are so popular among women than other ornaments, irrespective of the nation, color, religion, caste, etc. Women usually wear necklaces for a special occasion like wedding, parties, etc. also women from all around the world love to wear neck jewelry in daily life even.

What is the Historical importance of necklaces?

The history of the necklace filled with several colors, religion, cast, civilization, etc.; necklaces have been used since the time of ancient civilization. However, the techniques and materials were used to make jewelry carry thousands of the old ways which have now evolved with the time.It ‘s hard but possible to find the first jewelry worn around 60,000 years before. Yes, the history of the necklace is such way long, it said that the first necklace made around 40,000 years ago. The very first necklace made by purely natural material like metals, shells, bones, etc.
During the Egyptian age, the strand made with pure metals or any other elements. The great example of Egyptian jewelry were the necklaces of the Cleopatra, the necklace of Cleopatra was found a Siberian grave, but the necklace is the stylish piece of ancient Egypt. It was a tradition and a desire by the Queens of the time who prefer to wear the most precious choker of their times. As Queen Elizabeth and Queen, Victoria used to wearing the super costly necklaces and jewelry. The bibs which cost minimum thousands of dollars.
However, every woman loves to wear stylish, trendy and diamond necklace, what say ladies?

What are the Types of necklaces?

There are several types of necklaces available; people love to wear according to their desires. Here are the types of necklaces
• Choker – these types of jewelry long also sit on the neck better
• Princess necklace – Princess necklaces are too long than the previous class but comparatively shorter than a matinee necklace
• Matinee – the long necklace with a single strand fit best on the cleavage
• Rope – this type of necklace is beautiful and exclusive
• Opera – Operas sits right at the breastbone
• Lariat – this kind of necklace carried very significant variation with no clasp. Necklaces of lasso type are crossing over from the end, knotted, and looped in several other methods. This type of necklace has several, or multiple layers with looped passed through the middle.
Also, there are several other kinds like pearl, diamond, cross, tooth pendant, prayer bead, and others. All the types of necklaces are stylish and lovely nowadays girls like to metal simple necklace or any necklace with gemstones. However, the necklace with diamonds and gemstones are favorite and look so elegant in parties and occasions.

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