18k Rose Gold Plated Print Hebrew Name Necklace – Custom Made with Any Name!

  • Kofi Annan at the HOPE XXL table (European HOPE XXL Conference Leiden)
  • Voorronde Op Weg Naar Het Lagerhuis Limburg 2013
  • Frits Bloemberg over Nelson Mandela
  • Frits Bloemberg over Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' toespraak uit 1963
  • Gold Plated Name Necklace
  • Uitleg over HOPE XXL door Yama Akbari
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There is no better way to wear your Hebrew name then around your neck for everyone to see! The 18K Rose Gold Plated Print Hebrew Name Necklace is the perfect accoutrement to any outfit you are wearing. It is the ultimate expression in custom Hebrew jewelry! The necklace is Rose Gold plated over 0.925 Sterling Silver and is on a rose gold plated box chain. If you do not know your Hebrew name, that is okay! We will translate the name for you! One name or word per pendant. The chain length does not include the pendant. The size of the pendant varies in accordance with the name and style. The average pendant size is: 0.75 – 2 inch/ 2 – 5 cm.