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Choker Necklace

Introduction to choker necklace

The Style of the ornament is also known as the choker necklace; it is only made to wear around neck mostly above the neckbone. It is not like the long necklace that dangles freely, and it is the fundamental reason why girls or women prefer to wear choker necklaces more than longer necklaces.
The most famous type of necklace or jewelry choker is mainly the close fit jewelry worn around the neckline. This kind of necklace made from varieties of metals and materials such as gold, platinum, silver, plastic, velvet, beads. Leather and much more. Choker Jewelry available in a wide variety of shapes like studs, sequins, pendant, etc. the most common or known choker necklace types are old, gothic, open collar, gemstones, Victorian, and tattoo.

Important History of choker necklace

The choker necklace first wore in the first century A.D. according to the book Shabbat ‘taimud’ it is stated as the most common accessory for women. Traditionally choker necklaces were linked with the high-class fashion or trend. However, choker necklace could take the different meaning in different circumstances. The upper class and Ballerinas related to late 19th century usually used to wear particular type and style of choker necklace. At the same time the plain, thin, black and red ribbon choker was worn by prostitutes in the 19th century as seen in Olympia Manet. Otherwise, the plain black fabric or woven choker were the signatures of lesbianism secretly in the era of depression.
The fashion of broad choker extended to the peak in 1900 when the queen of united kingdom worn choker necklace to hide the small scar on the neck. Chokers were amazingly popular in the year 1920s, and the fashion of choker came again in the 40s.
Chokers have gained popularity among girls and women during 1970s and late 1990s. After this, the fashion again revived within mid-2010.
Chokers have long and fascinating history, the history majorly associated before centuries in Native America, Chinese, Egyptian culture and Indian.

Types and styles of choker Necklace

So many styles and types of choker exists, it will be tough for you to choose from delicate, bold, lace, leather, etc. you have several choices and selection for chokers to choose one for you.
• The style of delicate pearls and diamond chokers in the Edwardian era were modern and the style of choker owned by the great rare jewels in allies. It was superbly popular in Denmark by Alexandra in the late 19th century
• The metal architectural choker is also the favorite choker style that holds statement, elegance and beautiful shape
• The boho choker usually made from leather and this style of choker wrap around the neck while the lace chokers are delicate to add a more femininity touch in the personality
• Chokers again become the style or fashion among celebrities who supported them in audience or events. The most traditional yet memorable type of choker is a tattoo. This choker was scratchy and made of plastic, and its netted design made it popular among goths and trendsetters.
• Nowadays choker Necklace again spotted in the limelight in the year 2015 it may be the latest trend of coming summer or spring, today choker will be the blend of patterns, textures, colors and materials. Chokers made with heavy brass, jewels, chains, stripes, pearls and, other elements, etc.

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