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Collar Necklace

The collar necklace is a very known word in the jewelry industry; collar necklace is the type of necklace that stays flat to the body, unlike other necklaces which hang freely. You can only say these are fit or fix necklace for a neck.

Usually, collar necklaces are around 14 inches in length specifically in the contemporary fine jewelry. However, collars are commonly known as dog collars in a particular street fashion which I honestly hate. Principally, the word collar is the synonym of the word necklace in ancient times. Collar necklace is the type of ornament or jewelry fit firmly around the neck and just above the collar bone. Mostly collar jewelry made by using varieties of metals and materials also carry different features of several styles and trends.

How and when to wear collar necklace?

Collar necklace is the origination within China and rapidly spread to the entire world. Nowadays, several celebrities used to wear a collar and the choker necklace with the ballroom gowns which are strapless. However, collar neck jewelry usually made of ribbon, beaded, semi-precious stones like turquoise. Also, some additional embellishments added for extra flair and extension. Collar necklace is made to draw the attention of viewers to the neck of the lady and the beautiful shoulder and neckline show attraction and elegance. The necklace guides eyes to look up at the face and consider beauty. Collar necklace is the best way to get the attention of the audience towards your neckline and shoulder.

If you wear the strapless dress, then do not forget to wear collar necklace to enhance the charm of overall personality. With the collar necklace, you will get smarter and new look. Collar necklace looks extra appealing and beautiful when it wears with strapless or low cut dress. In case you want to get a stylish look with the beautiful strapless outfit then get a collar necklace to enhance beauty and appeal.

How to wear Collar Necklaces?

• The most popular style is to wear a collared shirt with the entire buttoned up, this looks perfect, and the great collar necklace that fits perfectly at the collarbone surely gives you stunning and elegant look. With this collar necklace, you can make people draw the eyes towards the face.
• The another wonderful way that helps you look so younger, it is best to wear necklace over the high collared shirt. Get an elegant pair of the best statement necklace and wear it with full dress along with cool pants or may be rugged boots for a dinner party.
• Collared blouses would look stunning with the bib, or collar necklace, try to make necklace sit around the collared shirt well
• Give a try to embellished collar necklace along with an entire black collective outfit that will make you the most separate but excellent look
• Try to get a lace dress with the collar necklace above the glittery topper make you stand out in the crowd
• Time to mix and match patterns get a floral collar with the striped shirt and beautiful skirt will surely make your simple outfit the desirable one
• For an electrifying look gets fur and pops up neon along with metallic collar
• Make a simple white blouse the enviable one by wearing not one, but two collars with the sparking one and other should be simple.

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