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How To Buy Necklaces?

Necklaces are an integral part of the jewelry that worn in the events. It adds beautiful colors in the rituals and also gives an elegant look to the ladies. A few years back my friend asked me some suggestion for her wedding necklace. Firstly, I explained to her that what does necklace mean.
What is a necklace?
The necklace is a kind of a chain that worn around the neck, decorated with gems and stones and made of different metals. Chains and Pendants are different than necklaces.
Then I suggested her how to decide necklace’s metal. Necklaces usually made from various metals.
Types of metals
1. Gold
Gold preferred by its important attributes: like
i. It can be easily liquidated at the time anywhere when needed. It is priced all uniform universally.
ii. Gold used because of its world’s precious metal.
iii. It’s a mode of savings as its prices fluctuate.
2. Silver
Silver has also its Significance i. It is a sign of simplicity
ii. It gives a traditional look as it is mostly worn by Rajhistani people
iii. It is cheaper than gold
iv. People having dark complexion prefer silver
3. Platinum
The significance of platinum is as follows
i. It is very durable.
ii. It does not tarnish
iii. It also gives the tinge of an ancient era.
Besides, I gave her tips on how to buy gold as she chose gold. Gold rate is the main thing to keep in mind during selection.
Gold standards
i. As per purity
Gold prices vary as per its purity.
Purity measured in a carat. Carat is the unit used to measure the purity of gold and denoted by K.
24K gold is the most expensive as it is 99.9% pure. But it must be avoided to buy because of its softness. 18K, 21K and 22K gold widely purchased. Low Carat Gold has the low price. So that necklaces of 22K are durable.
ii. As per labor charges
Prices also vary by design. Higher the efforts and skill, higher the costs. Simple designs cost less than complicated designs. It depends on how many skilled necklaces you are going to buy.
iii. As per colors.
Gold necklaces found in different colors other than gold i.e. yellow. Such as white gold, rose gold, etc. most of the people like to wear two-colored necklaces. More the combination of colors more the rates will be.
Along with above suggestions, I asked her to decide the length of the necklace. While buying necklaces, it is critical to determine length of necklace you need to wear with your dress. Different sizes of necklaces are available in the market.
Type of Necklaces by lengths
i. 16 inches
16 inches necklaces are placed tightly against the base of the throat, and it is commonly known as Choker.
ii. 18 inches
This sized necklaces are put on the collarbone and is called Princess style.
iii. 20 to 24 inches
This length of the necklace lies between the collarbone and the bust. The necklace is called Matinee.
iv. 28 to 36 inches
The necklace is Opera style and falls on the bust or an inch or two below the bust.
My suggestion made her relax and comfortable. She became so confident and clear about her necklace she wished to wear on her wedding.

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