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Matinee Necklace

Last week I went to a jeweler shop with my friend to buy a necklace for her mother. So many necklaces displayed at the store. She asked me that she has to purchase a necklace, but she was choosing chains and pendant. I made her clear about the necklace, specially Matinee necklace.
A necklace is an ornament wore by human round the neck. It looks like a chain in which gems and stones engraved.
Human wears necklaces since centuries. Necklaces categorized according to their length. Accordingly, they are given names too. Some of its kinds are:
i. Choker necklace
ii. Princess necklace
iii. Matinee necklace
iv. Opera necklace
v. Rope necklace
vi. Lariat necklace
Necklace’s length helps to choose what kind of necklace you need. She picked the necklace of 16 inches called choker. Choker wore by teen girls and old aged people. As my friend’s mother is neither teenager nor an aged one, so I suggested her to buy the Matinee. The one we chose was about 22 inches.

Matinee Necklace

Matinee necklace ranges from 20inches to 24 inches, hits at the bust or an inch to two below the bust.
Her mom has to wear a sari. So it was a better choice to choose a Matinee necklace. Its length determined according to the height of the person. Her mother is tall, so it we selected of 22 inches. Matinee necklace is suitable for all events
Matinee necklace can be worn mostly in all kinds of activities, depends on the design you have selected. Like:
i. Pearls Matinee necklace is fit for evenings out
ii. Matinee Necklace made of Byzantine chain, rope chain; wheat chain gives a perfect look with office outfits.
iii. Matinee necklace made of colored beads adds charm to the teen ager’s personality.
Matinee necklaces are mostly straightforward and single stranded. It falls over the bosom and not decorated with jewels. It mostly made of beads, pearls and designed chains.
Suitable outfits for Matinee necklaces
Matinee necklace best suited with closed and reserved outfits. As below,
i. Button-Down Shirts:
Matinee is good to wear with button-down shirts. These are mostly business work shirts. Matinee wore with such dresses which do not give an awkward look but rather it looks so charming than other dresses.

ii. Turtlenecks:
Turtlenecks are preferred to wear usually in winter as they are close fitted necks and mostly a knitted garment.
iii. Typical and reserved clothing:
Conventional and covered dressing like sari, shalwar kameez and rest of the tight neck or high necks are best to wear with this kind of necklace.
The unsuitable outfits to wear with Matinee Necklace
i. Outfits with open neckline:
As Matinee falls on the bust, and it looks very awkward to wear with open neckline outfits.

ii. Strapless top:
Strapless top is also not suitable to wear with the Matinee necklace due to the length it has. It interferes with the neckline of the clothing.

Matinee is best to wear with reserved outfits. They mostly flatter all body types.

After having all this discussion, we started looking for a Matinee necklace. The jeweler had a wide variety of this kind of necklace. He showed us necklaces made of different metals. All accessories were beautiful. As her mom was going to wear a black sari, so nothing was better than a pearl Matinee Necklace than others.

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