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Opera Necklace

Every woman knows that the easiest way to spruce up any outfit is adding appropriate accessories. And nothing makes more of a statement like a necklace. Necklaces are categorized by material and by length. One of my personal favorites is an opera necklace.

Opera necklace is a notable for its length. Usually, it is 75 to 90 centimeters long, and that makes it probably one of the most varied types of necklaces. It can wear as is or doubled and worn as a double strand necklace. It is elegant and beautiful either way.

Opera necklace got its name because it most strongly associated with evening wear and sophisticated events. But it had peaked considerably during the roaring twenties when women started layering opera necklaces with other accessories creating dazzling looks that attracted the attention of all parties present. And let’s not forget that jazz-age people knew how to dress well!

Who should wear opera necklace?

Wearing an opera necklace is an excellent way to elongate your face and figure. It creates a visual illusion of a leaner body and narrower face. So if your goal is to look more slender and tall or to accentuate these features in yourself this necklace length is for you.

How to style opera necklace?

The most common way to wear an opera necklace is with evening wear. But don’t let that stunt your creativity! Being so versatile due to its length and variety of styles opera necklace can be worn in casual settings as well. Opera is a great piece for one of the more recent trends, which is layering. Women around the world express their creative ambition in mixing and matching different styles and length of necklaces to create an eye-catching look.

The neckline that best suits this duration and style of accessory is an off-the-shoulder or strapless, which are hot this summer season, boat neck or turtleneck which are perfect for autumn and winter. Unlike its brethren opera necklace has a wider variety of acceptable necklines.

Opera necklace can complement your outfit as well as to become a star of it. If you wear a simple outfit or a monochromatic top or dress, this is the time for your necklace to shine. Literally and figuratively. In the way how you can make a statement with your accessories. No one will have any doubts about your impeccable taste in clothes.

Did I convince you yet to invest in a real opera necklace? If not, let’s recap all of the perks of owning one of those:

-it is versatile, depending on the material and style it can be worn with eveningwear as well as with day-to-day outfits

-it can serve as a long opera necklace, or you can double it up and turn it into a double stranded necklace or even a choker necklace

-it will make you look slimmer and taller, and who doesn’t want that?

-Opera necklace is most likely to make a statement and add that finishing touch when you are not sure your outfit stands out on its own.

So think about what kind of statement do you want to make with your clothes? Do you want to accentuate your elegance and femininity? If so, you know what will help you create that unforgettable impression!

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