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Princess Necklace

Why, when and how to wear Princess necklace?

History of the necklace is as old as Stone Age about 40000 years back. In those years necklaces made from natural material like shells, bones, teeth of few animals, colorful skins of animals, durable or woven strings, bird feathers, corals, stones, etc. Princess Necklace worn by both kinds of genders. It was Bronze Age when people learn how to melt metals and shape them. Finally these days a vast and variety of necklace stuff are available in the market.
On my last birthday, a Princess Necklace was presented me by my father. Many of my friends liked it, but some of them also criticized its length. Then I explained what kind of necklace is it.
Princess necklace:
It is a necklace whose length is usually 18 inches in places on the collarbone. It is longer than a choker but shorter than Matinee.

Why do people choose to wear Princess Necklace?

i. Its ideals size is the main reason to want it.
ii. It correctly falls on the collarbone.
iii. It is flattering
iv. It gives a feminine look to all body types.
v. It looks elegant and suitable any height.
vi. Pendants with stone or gems are worn of this size to show off.

When people wear Princess Necklace?

i. It is best with casual day wear.
ii. It also suits to wear for glamorous evenings.
iii. It is best to wear on birthday parties either it’s yours or attending somebody else’.
iv. It looks awesome to wear with business work shirts.

How people wear Princess Necklace?

Princess Necklaces are worn according to clothing worn by them. For instance, Matinee has worn and best suited with reserved outfits. On the other hand, Princess Necklace has not such restrictions. Princess Necklace worn by the following costumes.
i. With open collar shirts.
ii. With cozy fall sweater.
iii. It is also preferred to wear with boatnecks.
iv. With evening gowns.
v. It looks fantastic with the strapless top.
vi. It looks beautiful when worn over a turtleneck.
vii. It doesn’t look awkward when worn over high necks.

How far of Princess Necklace is available in the Market?

Princess Necklaces are available in different designs in the market. They also found in various kind of metals and also different materials. Like gold, silver, platinum, beads, etc.
The one I was wearing made of white gold with a diamond pendant. The Princess Necklace on my neck made me feel myself a princess. It was shining and glowing and made my center of people’s attention.

What kind of material is high in demand for Princess Necklace?

Demand for necklaces material very from person to person and age to age. Adult mostly loves to wear metal accessories whereas youngsters choose according to fashion. Such as presently beads made of plastic and other colored and the beautifully shaped material is liked by them. Adult prefers precious metals to buy for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to have savings. And when they run short of money they can liquidate it. As the prices keep rising with each passing day.
Finally, many of my friends decided to buy Princess Necklace for them. One chose same as of mine.

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