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Rosary Necklace

A Rosary necklace is a 5-Decade Dominican rosary with a clasp to make it more comfortable to wear. The pin added at the center of the necklace; the clasp is attached to small necklaces to tie, it is not necessary for large ones which can easily wear over the head.
Everybody does not like to wear rosary necklaces as people feel odd to wear it but it is a long tradition to wear rosary necklaces on clothes especially with religious rituals, it mostly serves the spiritual purpose than fashion purpose. Christians feel relaxed and comfortable to pray with rosary necklaces.
One of my friends is a religious follower, and he always prays every day and loves to go to church more often. I suggested him that you must use rosary necklaces for your prayers and religious rituals. He had no idea about it but I informed him that these necklaces are easily available in the market in different sizes, shapes, and colors, even you can make your rosary necklace as well.

History of Rosary Necklaces

1. Five Decade Rosary

It is consists of five beads with a crucifix for praying out Father, 3 Hail Marys, and a Glory Be. It is known as Dominican Rosary due to St. Dominic’s role in encouraging and spreading devotion to the Holy Rosary at the request of the blessed mother.

2. Franciscan Rosary

It is named after Saint Francis of Assisi and created it in 15th Century around the celebration of nature and a disdain for wealth and materialism symbolized by the life of Mother Mary. It associated with two different rosaries. One is the Franciscan Crown also called seven-decade rosary, It consists of seven decades instead of five plus two Hail Mary beads. While praying one has to mediate seven joys of Mary, one joy each decade.
It also refers fifteen-decade rosary.

3. Wedding Rosary

They are common in Far Eastern and Latin American cultures. The beads are applied to a couple during their wedding ceremony as priest joins them before God.

4. Servite

Servites dedicated to Adoration of Mother Mary; it exchanged for the sets of seven. These seven beads symbolize seven founders of a Servite order who devoted themselves to the Madonna in the 13th century Tuscany.

5. Portable

These can reconfigure into smaller forms, can also be shaped in bracelets and rings. They are useful for travel purposes.

These necklaces come in a variety of styles and materials. It is a stylish Sacramental. These necklaces remind you how Jesus loves you. Big celebrities and actors are also using these necklaces openly, but many people think that these necklaces should not wear openly {as it represents religious sentiments and guide} that one should have right intentions to wear rosary necklaces.
My friend took my suggestion and ordered two Rosary necklaces for him and continuously wearing them for praying purpose whenever he goes to church and read Bible at home. Rosary necklaces are the mixture of fashion and religion, and people think its decent sign to wear these necklaces on different occasions.

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